Where is All Mothers United located?

Our home office is in Madison, Wisconsin. But our Leaders can be anywhere.

How long has All Mothers United been in business?

We got started in 2013.

Where did the idea of All Mothers United come from?

Raising our own children. Everything that All Mothers United is comes from our own experiences.

Who can Lead an All Mothers United Mom’s Group?

Moms of all ages. New moms, grandmas, any mom. Churches, schools, community centers, anyone.

Who can attend an All Mothers United Mom’s Group?

Moms of all ages. New moms, grandmas, any mom.

During COVID 19, how can I find moms that would want to join a group?

You are encouraged to contact local schools, daycares, pediatrician offices, and community leaders. We provide you with flyer templates and invitations for you to post in grocery stores, libraries, and community centers. You can also use social media.

During COVID 19, how and where can I hold a Mom’s Group?

If you live in an area where the climate is not an issue you can meet at a park, café, church, or community center when socially distant practices and masks are used. Otherwise, you can use an online meeting service such as ZOOM or Google Meetings. There are so many possibilities to make your Mom’s Group fun. From Sunday morning brunch, pajama party after the kids are in bed, happy hour, you are free to be creative.

Most women already get together informally, what makes an All Mothers United Mom’s Group different and most importantly, beneficial?

Our Mom’s Groups are designed to pull women together that are in the same stage of motherhood. As someone who leads the group you don’t need to come into a group as a teacher or problem solver, you come in, and by using our discussion questions, you get the moms talking and working through things together, the good and bad. We envision that most attendees probably won't know each other ahead of time and they will make new friends. However, if they are already friends, wonderful! Their friendship will deepen over the course of the workshop.

Things are going well at my house. I don't think a Mom’s Group would help me. What would I talk about?

All families have ebbs and flows. One day everything seems like it is going great and then the next day, someone stumbles. It happens to all of us. Sometimes things come up and we start questioning ourselves. These groups are a great place to talk through those situations (whether they be good, bad, funny, scary and/or embarrassing). Another thing to remember, especially if things are going great, is that your experiences could be of help to another mom.

That is what All Mothers United is all about! This quote by Pema Chodron is a great reminder.

"We work on ourselves in order to help others, but also, we help others in order to work on ourselves."

How are your Mom’s Groups different from one of these parenting classes I see advertised online and in my community?

We know that there are so many parenting classes available, but we believe that instead of following one particular discipline, moms coming together to answer questions and find solutions for situations that fit their particular stage of parenthood, is the key to raising secure, hopeful, positive children.

Should I charge money for my Mom's Groups?

When we were forming All Mothers United we started realizing that in this economy, a lot of moms really need a way to supplement their family's income. That said, it is up to you. You get to decide if you charge for your meetings and if so, how much you will charge.

Are you affiliated with a church or a political party?

Not at all. All Mothers United welcomes ALL moms!!

Is there someone to talk to about All Mothers United?

YES! We'd be happy to give you our contact information. Just email us at info@allmothersunited.com and we'll send you a number to call at your convenience.