Raising teenagers can be hard under the best of circumstances. Join with other moms who are also in the middle of this challenging time.

The role of "mom" is constantly changing, and as our children become teenagers their ideas of what is good or bad, right or wrong, left or right, sometimes feels to be deliberately opposite from ours. It is not intentional, but it can make us lose our confidence on what was already shaky ground. Our lives are full of chaos, drama, excitement, and pride as we watch our children become who they will ultimately be as adults. How do we find balance on when to step in and when to step away?

Gather with other moms that you meet at your kid's activities, PTA meetings, work, church, the grocery store, or moms that you already know!  This group will provide you with a perfect venue for making new and/or deeper friendships. You will exchange ideas and support each other and in turn help strengthen your relationship with your teen.  

This Mom's Group Start-Up Kit will provide you with unlimited access to everything you need to get a Mom's Group (or groups) started in your community! It is up to you whether you charge an attendance fee or not, and what that fee would be.

When leading a group, you are not expected to be an expert on any subject. You won't come into a group as a teacher or problem solver. Our pre-written discussion questions keep the conversation flowing so that the moms work through things together. Part of the charm of All Mothers United is that each group will come up with different answers to common questions. Our curriculum encourages women to work together to find solutions and answers to common questions and situations and provides them with an opportunity to build trust with other moms, so they can have an open honest conversation.

This Kit includes discussion questions and optional at-home assignments for five (5) different meetings: 

Please Note: The discussion questions in this Kit are adaptable for High School as well as Junior High.

  • Meeting 1. Getting to Know Each Other 
  • Meeting 2. Friend or Foe 
  • Meeting 3. Finding Their Way 
  • Meeting 4. Domestic Bliss
  • Meeting 5. Follow Up 

Also included in this kit are invitation and flyer templates that you can personalize, along with instructions and suggestions on how to get a group started (and to make it fun)!

Please note: All Mothers United has no political or religious affiliation. Our discussion questions are all about being a mom.

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Side by Side With Your Teen

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